Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going down a depth

Getting Deep

There's three main goals in Quadropus Rampage: killing angler fish and other deep sea critters, defeating Pete, and getting your quadropus as deep as he can possibly go.

You could of course just jump off the edge of any given depth to skip hard enemies. Keep in mind that while this will get you to a lower depth more quickly, there are some key disadvantages to this strategy:
     - You Receive damage when you fall off the edge as opposed to using one of the portals.
     - You miss out on all the experience from killing enemies.
     - You miss out on chests.
     - You miss the potential for good weapon drops.
     - You miss out on finding artifacts, those little hermit crab things, and quadropod clusters.

I prefer to finish every depth fully, but if anyone else has any other advantages to skipping a depth, feel free to post in the comments below.

What about those off-coloured portals?

You may have noticed that some depths have two portals to go to the next depth, and one is off-colour. When your quadropus is directed through these odd portals, the next depth is a bit different. The level itself is more colourful, and the enemies are a different colour as well. It might just be me, but I seem to get better loot on these kind of levels as well. It also seems as if you don't automatically get healed when going into a portal after this level, but I'll have to do some more testing to be sure.

Notable masteries with effects once you go down a depth

     - Veteran
     - Destroyer
     - Unbalanced

Notable artifacts with effects once you go down a depth

     - Aegis of the deep
     - Cinderblock

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